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Credits and Awards

Art Gallery of Western Australia: Under a Tin-Grey Sari selected as Director's Choice (2003)

Painting featured on poster for Blue Room Theatre season of Fairfax award-winning new play 'Keeper' by Steve Snell (2005)

Awarded Australia Council Developing Writer's grant for new novel The Equator (2004)

Awarded ArtsWA development grant for novel Under a Tin-Grey Sari (2000)

Awarded ArtsWA development grant for novel The Equator (2003)

Commission for Greenwich Basement Bar & Performance space, mural (1996)

Commission for gold mine documents, Mr G. Lee, drawings and paintings (1995)

Commission for Outback Ecology Pty Ltd, oil paintings (2004)

Awarded Best Play for The Aunt, Artbeat Literary radio Drama Awards (1990)

Awarded Best Play for The Aunt, stage production ITA Drama Festival (1990)

Stage production of The Aunt Garrick theatre Perth (1990)

Production and broadcast of The Aunt by the ABC (1990)

Feature article for 24Hours on John Aitken radio drama about composer Gustav Mahler (2001)

Feature article for 24Hours on John Aitken radio drama about composer Dmitri Shostakovich (1996)

Book covers: reproduction of three paintings for three book covers of Australian Short Stories (1993)

Solo show Probes - Images Beyond the Subtext selected for inclusion in a national arts week event, New Collectables Gallery (1991)

Curated mixed media show of 14 artists, Mosman Park Studios (1992)

Curated solo photography show for Keith Irving, 'Antarctica'; toured Perth, Adelaide, Sydney (1989)

Ink drawings for set design, Hole In The Wall Theatre production of 'Music From the Whirlwind' (1996)

Painted Maldives Series on Ihuru Island in the Maldives Republic

Painted Poets & Interiors series after travel to Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Painted Shadows of Shadows & Other Masks series after living and working in London

Travelled to Margaret River and Moore River to make Indian ink works on paper The Islands

Travelled to Broome, northern Western Australia, for Heads series

Are you wondering who photographs the paintings on this website?

Star San Francisco kid Christian Mushenko, that's who!

His dealer in New York loves his work, and I do too. Christian's big earner is in ads, big ads, and we might have a show together sometime soon.

We both love the ocean, we dig the sea, and his kids even like his photographs of the moody sea.

For purchase and viewing inquiries, contact Libby Douglas at

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