Award-winning Australian author of novels, short fiction and broadcast radio drama.

australian painter wayne ashton

Artist and author Wayne Ashton

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Director’s Choice, Book of the Month

Under a Tin-Grey Sari

under a tin grey sari

This novel did incredibly well.

Adelaide Writers Festival.

Same Byron Bay.

Same Melbourne.

Same Perth.

"... Ashton's debut novel is a sensual, beautifully written mini-masterpiece. Almost every page groans with sex, or love, or death, or laughter … the best Australian novel I have read all year"

Readings Magazine

Plus, I read, in Paddington, Blue Mountains, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne.

I flew more happy miles with this little book than there are samosas in all the samosa joints in London.

Amazing experience, amazing people.

I was stunned when it was shortlisted for the WA Premiers Awards.

After the awards night I met with good friends for a big party, and took a month to recover from that party.

The press was great too:

A double-spread in the Canberra Times, plus coverage in the Sunday Times, The Australian, the West Australian, and a full half hour interview with the Book Show on ABC Radio.

And all the wonderful things such as the book being translated into Bengali and a double-spread overview in the Dacca Times, as well as a great review at Wuppertal University in Deutschland.

I’ve got my mother to thank for this book. My mother is the best writer in all of Scribbledom.


novel called equator

NSW Art Gallery head curator Tony Bond launched my novel Equator

(see Equator Launch Pictures).

This one did well too.

Plus, the best thing you can say about a book was written in the Overland magazine:

"And right to the end, Equator was one of the truly unexpected joys of reading for me this year.”

These two initial books have given me a lot of amazing fun and incredible experiences, so I am now keen to move from Fremantle Press to a bigger publisher.

Will keep you posted.

I’m now working on three new novels. 823 pages so far.

I've been writing them in Greece, Ibiza and Sydney.

Take care and stay safe.

Best Regards


Other writing

The Aunt

Radio drama 30 mins.

Winner WA Artrage Festival, Literary Radio Drama Awards

Winner ITA Stage Festival WA, Best Play

Tasman Angel From Hell

Radio drama 30 minutes.

National broadcast, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The Oils & Mirrors of Dorothy Hoffkoff

Radio drama 30 minutes.

National broadcast, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Short Fiction

A Vanishing Act

Australian Short Stories

Penguin Short Stories

Feature for ABC Magazine

Shostakovich & Stalin

Pinski Dinghy

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