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Welcome! We offer a complete range of services and art to bring colour, fresh ideas, brightness and inspiration into the home or office.

To explore is easy:

1. Online here. This is a 570-page site distinctive for its simple navigation and six artwork galleries.

2. By meeting us. Attend Chilli rooms events and shows.

3. Viewing appointment for the art collections

4. Guidance from the team to brighten the home

5. Guidance from the team to Make Your Office Fly! TM

We can help transform offices and workplaces into spaces full of renewed energy.

From a series of 10 or 20 small Limited Edition Prints to make hallways fly, to original paintings that give a boardroom fresh perspectives.

Visit Purchase Artworks and Prints or contact one of us below. We look forward to helping you create fresher days and better nights.

Or click on the orange painting to the right to see 34 colourful artworks in the Pinski gallery.

This is one of six galleries online here at our site. Two hundred artworks in total.

Have a browse, have fun, be inspired.

To transform your space into exactly what you want has never been easier.

Pinski's Travelling Dive Troupe at Orange Grove Bay painting


The Chilli Rooms

11 Northumberland Avenue Stanmore Sydney
Australia 2048
(61 2) 9557 1553

Libby Douglas, Director

Jamie Barnes Art Dealer 0414 555 545


Mark Hubbard 0417 335 548
Matt Saggers 0420 216 286


Gadfly Gallery

131B Waratah Avenue Dalkeith
Anna Kwiecinska, Director
08 9386 8369

Click here to purchase paintings, ink drawings or limited edition prints

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