Australian contemporary artist

australian landscape painting

3 / 11 Northumberland St
Stanmore, Sydney
(612) 9557 1553 or 0422 368 207

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sydney landscape artist

Waterhole & Moon
oil on canvas
91cm x 76cm, 2003

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The Architect
oil on canvas
36cm x 30cm, 1998

pinski art series

Pinski's Travelling Dive Troupe
at Harper's Landing
oil on canvas 1.63m x 1.97m

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Equator series, Part 5

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Equator series, Part 1

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Holiday Art series

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Holiday Art series

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Equator series, Part 1

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Holiday Art series

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Gardeners and Gardens series

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Equator series, Part 2

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A sunny day in Ibiza: pilot John on the right from Majorca with Chilli Rooms Ibiza patron and chopper pilot Zahid Torres Rahman

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DJ Lapkat's (Lisa Greenaway) music show streams live out of Portugal first Sunday of each month. Latest gig at The Chilli Rooms Ibiza Boardroom, Es Boldado Restaurant

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Nilofer Saunter Livas

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Chilli Rooms director Libby Douglas in Ibiza with patrons Amanda, Deborah and Lisa

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