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High Country Australia

A large painting made for a home designed by cool Colorado architect Dale Hubbard in the NSW Alps.

Wayne Ashton: "It's a sprouter, this house, a sort of alpine brocolli. The way Dale's design goes, he deleted much of the upright language of a home and instead brought in all these outward angles that make the place look as if it was a sprouting for spring. At the ends it looks like a ship. My painting took two months back at the studio after going up to the mountains to stay with the owners, Melbourne couple Caroline and Mark Hubbard. They've hung the painting in the central living area of the house to complement its interior design. A much more comprehensive look at this amazing house is at mooselodge.au.com. From the oven Mark and Caroline invent the best pizza concoctions I have never seen before."

Moose Lodge was featured in the magazine Alpine Style - Issue 9 2008.

Seven Valleys, oil on canvas, 2008, 137x122cm below

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