Australian contemporary artist

australian landscape painting


  • School Holidays III - Can Esparta, Ibiza, Spain, July 2013
  • Artist of the month - Leichhardt Council, June 2013
  • Pinski's Travelling Dive Troupe - Balmain, Balmain Library, March 2013
  • Pinski in Perth at the Gadfly Gallery - Dalkeith, November 2011
  • School Holidays II - Chilli Rooms, November 2010
  • School Holidays I - Chilli Rooms, April 2010
  • Pinski's Dive Troupe and School Holidays Limited Editions - Chilli Rooms, April 2010
  • Mining & Elegance & Art - Chilli Rooms Sydney, May 2010
  • Group show - Chilli Rooms launch, Sydney, Febuary 2010
  • Islands - Kerb Gallery Perth curated by Dr David Bromfield, 2006
  • Iltutmish and Her Master of the Horse - Gadfly Gallery, September 1998
    17 year old Razia Iltutmish ruled India in the 12th century and her most trusted aide was the commander of the cavalry. These paintings imagined her court in head portraits.
  • Ink Lines, Black Paint - Greenwich His Majesty's Basement Perth, November 1997
  • Whispers Out of Line - Drabble Gallery Guildford Grammar School, November 1994
  • Play of the Sublime and the Unknown: Oil Paintings - State Theatre WA, February 1993
  • Probes: Images Beyond the Subtext; inks on paper - New Collectables Gallery, October 1991
    The exhibition was opened by actor Jill Perryman and the award-winning radio play "The Aunt" by Wayne Ashton was broadcast nationally on the same afternoon, and played on radio in the gallery that afternoon. Jill Perryman played the lead.
  • Poets, Nudes, Landscapes, Interiors; oils and drawings - Drabble Gallery, May 1991
  • Oils and Drawings - Tresillian Centre Perth, December 1990
  • Oil Paintings - Bridge Gallery Perth, November 1989
  • Paintings & Drawings 1986 - 89 - Stanley Street Nedlands Perth, April 1989

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