wayne ashton gallery in sydney

All works are museum-quality oils on museum-quality canvas.

Pinski's Travelling Dive Troupe at Pleasure Point Beach
(Oil on Canvas 4.5 metres)

pinsky paintings 2016

Five minute film of the painting above being made

Wild Bunch Lunch (1.5 metres)

pinsky paintings 2020

Lagoon Shack (Oil on Canvas 1.3 metres)

lagoon shack 2023

Swim at Dusk (1.5 metres)

pinsky paintings 2020

Opera House from Frangipani Grove

wayne ashton opera house painting

Dive Troupe

sydney painter dive troupe

Dive Troupe

sydney artist dive troupe

Swim at Dusk

sydney artist swim at dusk

Dive Troupe with Butterfly

sydney painter dive troupe with butterfly

Dive Troupe & Red Wine

sydney painter dive troupe and red wine

Dive Troupe Dream Dimension

sydney painter dive troupe dream dimension

Dive Troupe Cocktails at The Race

sydney painter dive troupe cocktails race

Lagoon Triptych. Oil on Canvas

nsw painter lagoon triptych race

Dive Troupe Balloon, Lunch. Triptych

sydney artist dive troupe balloon

Oscar the Sommelier at Alien Fancy Dress Cocktail Pool Party

sydney artist flamenco painting

Oscar the Sommelier at Flamenco Festival Opening Dance

nsw artist oscar sommelier

sydney artist oscar sommelier

nsw painter oscar sommelier

Seven Valleys (Oil on Canvas 1.4 metres)

seven valleys 2023


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Oscar the Sommelier with Early Arrivals at The Wild Bunch Lunch
(130 x 125 cm)

wayne ashton paintings 2016

Painting below is Pinski's Travelling Dive Troupe at Twincreek Lagoon

twincreek painting

(oil on canvas 1.21 metres x 2.84 metres)

Currently on display in the VIP Lounge for private jets, Ibizair, Ibiza Airport, Balearics, Spain.

2.5 metre 1/10 Limited Edition Hand-Signed Giclee` Print.

For a viewing, contact Ibizair Admin @ Ibiza Airport.


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