Australian contemporary artist

Business Models for Art Students

  • Always go for your dream
  • Never let another person tell you what it is
  • Another person never says it how it is
  • Art School is just another test along the way
  • See everything in every city
  • Never f... anything that keeps looking twice
  • Stay alive and stay bright
  • Get rid of jealous people
  • Never, ever ignore Beethoven
  • Never, ever copy - just take it
  • Your news is better than politic news
  • Waiting is the time to create
gardener painting


Slade London
Kings College
National Art School Sydney
Edith Cowan Perth
Victorian College of the Arts Melbourne


Cortauld London
Shead Sydney
Olsen Sydney
Portrait Prize London
Picasso Barcelona
Bowie London
Southbank London
Welshpool Wales
Durham NE
Tooting London
Yallingup WA


Artists never see things the same way as their friends. Artists are crapped out by that. So why do artists continue?

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